Monday, May 9, 2011

Hi kids,

Here's the round-up of what's going on in our :)DLC7 world.
  1. The final showcases MUST be on your Finale web page on Monday, May 16th. We will start viewing them at that time. If you finish early and you would like me to assess it, then post it on your page and drop me an email. I can get that grade in early for you. Please don't email your friends to watch it before the class views it.
  2. When you post your final showcase, please post what your vision (Think you came up with your idea, what you wanted the reader to gain....and so on) was and a self-reflection of this process. (You may need to look up what a self-reflection is to do this correctly....also...remember that this reflection is specific to ONLY THE FINAL SHOWCASE.
  3. Monday, May 16th from 5-6p.m. in the Sunrise Cafeteria, we will be presenting exemplary student work. Please plan on attending.
  4. I would like to add that if you find something interesting in class, you are welcome to explore it further at home. It just make help you make sense of some things. :)
  5. Presenting bills (live keynote presentation) will be Monday, May 16th.
Here's your "homework" and/or "prep work" for this evening.
Give this game a shot and see how it goes...................
The WWII Experience: Interactive/Downloadable Game

During WWII, ciphers were used to code messages. Your job is to decode this message to determine what you will be doing in class tomorrow.

Gur Frpbaq Jbeyq Jne unq gjb glcrf bs pnhfrf: haqreylvat naq vzzrqvngr. Lbhe zvffvba vf gb svaq nyy gur haqreylvat naq vzzrqvngr pnhfrf bs gur Frpbaq Jbeyq Jne. V jbhyq unir n jbexvat xabjyrqtr bs guvf pbagrag. Orfg bs yhpx fghqragf.

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