Monday, March 21, 2011

Scripts for the Documentary are due on FRIDAY, 3/25

Please have your documentary script printed BEFORE you come to school and ready to be handed in on Friday. I need Amish scripts to read through because I will have little access to the Internet over the weekend. Thank you for your understanding.

Documentary Procedures (due April 20th)

Hi kids,

Here is how you should process through the documentary movie that is due April 20th....

1. Sign up on the Google Doc (WWI Documentary Topics)
*You may only sign up for an event that someone else already has IF and ONLY IF ALL
other events are taken. You are you type of your name UNDER the person that selected
it first.

2. Process through ALL the events in your year, so you have the background (possible causes)
and the effects of your event.

3. Research Documentaries
a. Who are famous documentary film makers?
b. What are their styles? (How are documentaries UNIQUE from movies?)
c. How to write a documentary script

4. Organize your thoughts (outline, flow map, some type of pre-writing....

5. Write your script....DO THIS BEFORE GATHERING IMAGES!!!!
a. What you should cover:
1. How did your event come to be?
2. Thoroughly describe your event
3. Was your event was a contributing factor to the US entry in to the war? (Simply saying
yes or no is unacceptable)

5. Gather images/create slides...put project together!!!

6. Post it on your webpage under The Guns of August. Submissions will not be accepted if it is not on your page. This is a requirement. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Documentary Assistance and Clarification

How do I get started on the Documentary that is due on Wednesday, April 20th?
***You have to sign up for the year and the event on the Google Doc titled WWI Documentary topics. This is a solo project.

1. Go into pvOnline
a. Go to The Guns of August
b. Complete The US Entry into WWI: Two Opposing Viewpoints
c. A Documentary Chronology of WWI
1. Pick a year.
2. Process through the provided resources.
3. Pick ONE event within that year.
4. Design a documentary around that event.
5. Determine (this must be answered in your documentary): If the event was a
contributing factor to the US entry in to the war and PROVE it!!! Just your
opinion is not good enough.
***I would suggest researching what a strong documentary has, how to write a documentary script, famous documentary film makers, documentary film styles, and things of that nature. This WILL truly help you.*** Feel free to post helpful links in the comments section for others to view.

What should your child be working on?

Hi :)DLC7 Family,

I am out sick with pneumonia, so I wanted to share the tasks that the kids will be working on the next two days (the music video project was started two weeks ago roughly and the debate was formally started at the end of next week and they have had MANY work days).

Here is what is on your agenda for the next two goes through what you should be working on, the NEW due dates (please mark your calendars or phones), and some helpful info. from me.
  1. Music video
  2. pvOnline (it is listed in the order for it to be completed…process through each section and always come back and see which questions you now can answer from the unit overview. Mark the ones you can’t. Then repeat for each section.)
    1. Unit overview and guiding questions – read this one, so you know what is expected of you. You should be able to answer these after each section.
    2. “The Origins of Wilsonianism” - make sure you can answer/discuss the learning objectives
    3. “Innovators and Traditionalists”
    4. “Innovators and Traditionalists: a debate”
    5. The US Entry into WWI: Two Opposing views
    6. A Documentary Chronology of World War I (this will be due on Wednesday, April 20th, so plan accordingly)– you will find the WWI documentary project on this page. This is a content heavy project. We started WWI with vid clips and high discussions, then pulled at your creativity with your music videos, worked in some debates for collaboration and public speaking opportunities, and now we are going to hit the content piece hard with a totally different feel than the other two ways we have been bringing this content to our minds.
  • Miss Bailin’s Notes/Help for the Class
  1. All of your points need to come back to the focus question: "How new was Wilson's foreign policy?" My suggestion is to read each of your points (not your whole speech, but each individual explained point) to someone and then ask them if it answers this question. It is does NOT clearly answer it, then revision is needed.
  2. If your teams would like (the pro and con sides MUST agree), we can remove the responses (First “con” response (5 minutes), First “pro” response (5 minutes), Second “con” response (5 minutes), and Second “pro” response (5 minutes), then your group can present the pro, con, pro, con speeches.

a. If you choose this, then the speaking members have to divide the two 10 minute speeches.

b. If you choose this, then the response section will be replaced with some rapid-fire (not real fire = hazardous = people could get hurt or be burned to death = someone could die = we don’t break that rule) Miss Bailin questions. J

c. This is my compromise, so feel free to take it or leave it. My feelings won’t be hurt either way. If some of you would like to choose this option, but still present your pieces that you have worked so hard on (directed at some amazing pieces I have read from Block I so far), then we can still present those. I don’t want to take anyone’s spotlight away from them.

d. Just one person from your group, shoot me an email with what your groups decide and I will prepare accordingly. The best way to settle this is a vote.

e. I won’t be mad or disappointed with whatever you choose. J

  1. Each person is graded on their individual contributions to the group as well as their individual public speaking performance. This means that if someone didn’t do the section that the team decided, then that person does not get credit AND the group is not penalized.
  2. Please email me if you are in the Bracket Debates with the Leaders, so I know how many to plan for.
  3. DUE DATES!!!! FINAL CHANGES!!! The goal for the start of next week is to get all the loose ends tied up, so we can cleanly move on. I know we are all feeling a bit rushed and stretched thin, so let’s get it all done.
    1. Monday, March 21st

i. Period 1 I have some things planned, but I want to gather and reflect on how Thursday and Friday went before moving on.

ii. Period 2 – THEE Matty West v. Sando Showdown in JDLC7 lab. If you aren’t watching, then you are working on your projects.

iii. Period 3 – ALL JDLC7 together: The final trial (ALL ATTORNEYS MUST COME TO SCHOOL DRESSED AS WELL AS THE WITNESSES…we will not be using class time to get ready.

iv. Period 6 - I have some things planned, but I want to gather and reflect on how Thursday and Friday went before moving on.

v. Period 7We finish our Bracket Break Down Debates to see which student debates it the best in ALL JDLC7!!!!

vi. Period 8 - To be announced….

    1. Tuesday, March 22nd

i. The Innovators v. Traditionalists debate will be happening TODAY!!!!

    1. Wednesday, March 23rd

i. Music videos will be due TODAYIT MUST BE POSTED ON YOUR WEBPAGE (unless I spoke with you privately).

1. For those of you in groups of two or three, while the other person is working on their part, YOU should be working on the debate or the next section in pvOnline (The US Entry into WWI: Two opposing views) and the documentary project (up and coming project).

Monday, March 14, 2011

3/15 Homework (or Continuing Work)

Hi kids,

Final showcase is DUE in make sure you are staying up on it.

Your music video should be uploaded to your Guns of August webpage ON FRIDAY! That is when it is due!!!

You should be working on your Traditionalists v. Innovators Debate. I am ball parking this to be done on Thursday. Please remember that the students that are NOT speaking will only be able to work with your group for ONE day. *hint*hint*

You need to be processing through The Gus of August unit in pvOnline.

The documentary project is the next project that is coming up. This requires A LOT of research and higher level content reading.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The First of March's HOMEWORK

1. Make sure you have your arguments ready for your Sweet 16 brackets!!!!! (due Thursday)

2. Complete the Google Doc for your song/topic. The songs are due on March 9th. After the song has been recorded, you will create a music video (no due date for the video yet).