Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The metaphor pic is postponed until after break. :( I'm bummed, but I know it isn't all about me.

  • 12/6: We will create our own covers for The Red Badge of Courage (you may do this on your own or in class that day)
  • 12/6: Block II's opening scene products are due! It should be uploaded on your site under your code of conduct.
  • 12/10: Vicksburg or Gettysburg brochure is due. It will be created in Pages (save as a gif or jpeg or screen shot it and upload it to your site under Before Brother Fought Brother (at the bottom)
  • 12/15: Complete ALL pvOnline: do a little bit each day...I posted a sample schedule on the board in class
  • 12/15: Present INFORMAL content on one of these topics (found in pvOnline): Women, Soldier's Life, Children @ War, or War Technology. This means you use what is provided on pvOnline, create some slides with bullets, so you know what you are talking about and sum in up in a meaningfully short public speaking fashion. I'm not grading this for tech. I am ONLY looking at social studies content and public speaking. DON'T go crazy. This will bedone in groups or pairs. I'm undecided so far. It is "laid back" in many respects.
  • 12/16: ALL GRADES CLOSE DISTRICT-WIDE and report cards are processed
  • ***We will pic the sections you want to re-create visually like Block II did (see 12/6) and they will be due most likely on 12/13.

  • Make sure you know what you are expected to read each night. Please discuss/email your leaders. :)

Here is how class will be structured, so PACE is important!!!

Period 1 - work on what you need to
Period 2 - specific Miss Bailin described things OR work on what you need to (depends on the day)
Period 3 - RBOF group work

Period 6 - specific Miss Bailin described things OR work on what you need to (depends on the day)
Period 7 - RBOF group work
Period 8 - work on what you need to

That is all. When we get back from break, we will get into a little Honest Abe moment, the end, and the Reconstruction Period (ugly times kids).