Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/28 Recap

Hi kids,

Today we got close to finishing up the AQOTWF presentations/discussions.
We also started identifying "problems" or "things that would raise concern" in the 1920s.
In your period 3/7 groups, you started analyzing what you really need to know about the Dust Bowl.

You have no "official" homework.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prep Work 4/27

Watch: Surviving the Dust Bowl

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today you were able to extensively discuss AQOTWF and your homework is to summarize the highlights of your discussion and present it with your group tomorrow. You have to create a 5-10minute presentation. Make it however you want. Be creative and FLUFF! Being different is the key. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Thinking" Homework

This morning's discussion was brilliant BLOCK I. Here's your thinking homework....(if you have a question, for the class, you can post it on here as a comment and we will cover it tomorrow). I'm not collecting anything, I just want you to put some prior thought into our discussion, so you aren't on the spot.

1. Looking at the order of the soldiers that died and the manner in which they met their death, is there any deeper significance to this? Was the author trying to use each death to tell us something different about the theme? What is it?

2. What are all the symbols you can think of? Setting? What do they symbolize?
Class examples: boots, animal behaviors, cancer, etc.

3. Why, out of all of the diseases, does his mother have cancer?

4. How are women portrayed in this novel? Why does the author do this?

5. What is the theme?
Class examples: loss of innocence, loss of humanity, instinct, loss of individuality, etc.

6. What is the significance of authority figures? Compare the authority figures in this novel? Why did the author make them have these similarities? How can this relate to a possible theme?

7. Devyn said: I'm hearing that you are saying that compassion and thinking are weak.
THOUGHTS? Is Paul weak? How? How not?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pay Attention to the Dates

Hello all,

You have been working a little bit each day on your documentaries for a few weeks now, so be mindful that the due date is Friday the 22nd.

You should have All Quiet on the Western Front read by Wednesday the 20th. Make sure you are checking those books in, so we can get the rotated or you have to download it online or find a copy on your own.

Your animated story..."One day Miss Bailin and Miss Leland went for a drive...." is due on Wednesday the 20th.

Your final showcase is due in May......sooooooo keep up to date on it.

Grades and deficiency reports will be done and going home on Tuesday, so any missing work will be entered as a zero over the weekend. You will not have extensions to turn in your missing products. Also remember that your products are worth 80% of your grade in 4th quarter, so you can't afford to blow any of them off. GAME TIME!

As a side note, our curriculum does not slow down after AIMS. We are still in school and learning until the last day. True story.

Monday, April 11, 2011


1. AIMS WEEK IS THIS WEEK.....please check your email for schedules and info. MAKE SURE YOU ARE EATING WELL (proteins and carbohydrates at each meal for instant and sustained energy), STAYING HYDRATED, and GETTING SLEEP.

Our class periods ALL WEEK are work periods. Decide what you need to focus on to make the due dates and all will be well.

2. You are reading ALL WEEK All Quiet on the Western Front when you are done with your AIMS test. You should be done on Monday, April 19th.

3. Animated STORY..."One day Miss Bailin and Miss Leland went for a drive....." (due Monday, April 19th)

4. Documentary due Friday, April 22nd

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/5 Homework

Complete what you didn't get done in class.

You should we working on your documentary and your final showcase a bit each day.

AIMS is next week.

Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/2011 HOMEWORK

1. Complete your "Survivor" themed vote for
a. Make sure it HAS THE SAME THEME/MOOD as the show
b. Make sure your narration is CLEAR (no stutters, ums, pauses, correctly pronounced words,
c. Make sure you have MULTIPLE CONCRETE DETAILS that explain your choice!!!!!
*Save it on that thing I know nothing about as Your Number/First Name/SurvivorWWI
**This will be compiled into a massive show vote tomorrow by Luke H., so having the
correct title to keep it in order is imperative

2. Work on your WWI Documentary (please see instructions in pvOnline and refer to the
topic you signed up for on the :)DLC7 Google Doc. It is due 4/20

3. The final showcase is due May 14th

4. We will start reading AQOTWF soon

5. AIMS is next week!!!!