Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Where are we now?

Content from Last Week: Causes of WWII
You were to identify and analyze the causes of WWII as a means of independent/group study/research (depending on your learning style). If you feel you need to review this material, here are some sites that I have used and that students have shared with me:

http://www.rpfuller.com/gcse/history/6.html (website)
http://search.discoveryeducation.com/ (video segments...pvmac pvmac)
http://www.johndclare.net/RoadtoWWII7a.htm (expansive articles and intrepretations)
http://www.history.com/search?search-field=causes+of+WWII&x=0&y=0 (a variety of topics from WWII including causes, leaders, the Homefront...which is what your web page is called hint hint, and so on...)
*Please find some sites on your own and share those here...

New Content...all of this is fair game this week :)
*Maybe divide this content knowledge up in your groups, maybe not, but here are your topics:
  • Hitler's Rise to Power
  • America's Involvement in WWII (Battles/Pacific/Homefront/Pearl Harbor)
  • Global Perspective (you must do this site and then branch out: http://www.history.com/shows/wwii-in-hd/interactives/inside-wwii-interactive
  • Battle Strategies (key battles/tactics)
  • World Leaders/Govt./Famous Faces/Famous Words
  • Mystery Category
  • American Presidents: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/amex/presidents/index.html

COMPLETE PVONLINE...THE HOMEFRONT UNIT...work at your own pace. :) PVONLINE is due Friday. When you do the pacifism response, you only need to do yours.

***IT WOULD BE INCREDIBLY WISE TO KNOW THE WORDS FOR a date which will live in infamy*****

Monday, May 9, 2011

Hi kids,

Here's the round-up of what's going on in our :)DLC7 world.
  1. The final showcases MUST be on your Finale web page on Monday, May 16th. We will start viewing them at that time. If you finish early and you would like me to assess it, then post it on your page and drop me an email. I can get that grade in early for you. Please don't email your friends to watch it before the class views it.
  2. When you post your final showcase, please post what your vision (Think about...how you came up with your idea, what you wanted the reader to gain....and so on) was and a self-reflection of this process. (You may need to look up what a self-reflection is to do this correctly....also...remember that this reflection is specific to ONLY THE FINAL SHOWCASE.
  3. Monday, May 16th from 5-6p.m. in the Sunrise Cafeteria, we will be presenting exemplary student work. Please plan on attending.
  4. I would like to add that if you find something interesting in class, you are welcome to explore it further at home. It just make help you make sense of some things. :)
  5. Presenting bills (live keynote presentation) will be Monday, May 16th.
Here's your "homework" and/or "prep work" for this evening.
Give this game a shot and see how it goes...................
The WWII Experience: Interactive/Downloadable Game

During WWII, ciphers were used to code messages. Your job is to decode this message to determine what you will be doing in class tomorrow.

Gur Frpbaq Jbeyq Jne unq gjb glcrf bs pnhfrf: haqreylvat naq vzzrqvngr. Lbhe zvffvba vf gb svaq nyy gur haqreylvat naq vzzrqvngr pnhfrf bs gur Frpbaq Jbeyq Jne. V jbhyq unir n jbexvat xabjyrqtr bs guvf pbagrag. Orfg bs yhpx fghqragf.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5/3 Recap and Homework (A Simple Version)

What should I have finished in class?
  • Periods 1 & 6 - Luke Hellum gave a presentation on the rise of Osama bin Laden yesterday and today he gave the information on the current situation in Libya and what led up to it. For these presentations, you need to be aware of key concepts (you don't have to know how to spell names or cities), resources, types of government, geopolitics, and locations on the map. This will provide the background for a future simulation.

  • Periods 2 & 8 - Today in class, you focused on creating a list of events (problems) for the 1920s and how it directly ties to an event (problem) in the 1930s. You then determined which theme (only one per event pair or set: community, conflict, justice, or wealth). THIS LIST SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE YOU LEFT SCHOOL TODAY. :) If you do it with key words and then make it into sentences later, then you will have your script for tomorrow done. :) Work smarter...not harder. You should email Miss Bailin when this list is done.

  • Periods 3 & 7 - In your groups, you discussed ways to change the state of the nation by cleaning up the Dust Bowl from a national level. You were thinking as congressmen and basing your ideas on what historically was done and making improvements. You committed these ideas in writing on your group's Google Doc.

What is my homework/prep work for success?
  • Periods 1 & 6 - You may email Luke any questions or request resources for further learning (optional, but interesting).

  • Periods 2 & 8 - Plan out your events for your DNP and write your script. You MAY work on it at home. You will have ONE period tomorrow to put it together, record, and export it. It should be roughly 1 minute-2 minutes. Think about the tools you can use to make the process easier for you. Think of yourself as a "technical assassin." You get your objective, make your plan, and then execute it the most effectively = "technical assassin."

  • Periods 3 & 7 - Read the content from the provided sites on the 5/3 Homework Post (posted earlier today). This has the links, background, and format for the bills you will be writing. Since you are congressmen, it makes sense that you would be writing bills. :)

What can I work on if I know I will be busy the next couple of nights?

  • Pres. FDR's 100 Days, Pres. Obama's administration, & Pres. Woodrow Wilson (compare and contrast....you already started this Google Doc)
  • The War on Terror/Death of Osama bin Laden & the Cuban Missile Crisis (compare and contrast...you already started this Google Doc)
  • Final Showcase is due Monday, May 16th
  • You can create another page on your website titled Finale. This will be where your final showcase will be housed, the video of what you want to be when you grow up (we will be taping when you present), your "One Day Miss Bailin and Miss Leland Went for a Drive" video, and some end of the year stuff.


All Chrome Notebooks due on Friday. You must provide your notebook and the charger.

Miss Bailin

A little help...

For your Period 3/7 groups, you are using your 2011 eyes too look back at what was done historically to clean up the dust bowl, but you have the benefit of improving on what was already created an a vast knowledge at your fingertips on better was to do it.

You also need to remember ALL of the aspects that need to be covered. Please read ALL my previous entries about various topics.

Helpful Links
There are ways that Homeland Security responds to natural disasters.
National Agricultural Library: http://search.nal.usda.gov/nalsearch/result-list/fullRecord:dust+bowl/
How will jobs be created? What about the California issues?

:)Miss Bailin

5/3 Homework


*We will be creating a new web page on your Google Site for this project. You will
also put your Miss Bailin and Miss Leland went for a drive project on it and a few
other things.
*This page will be titled Finale

BLOCK HOMEWORK (from what wasn't done today)
-Directly connect a problem (cause) in the 1920s with a problem (effect) in the 1930s
-Next to each pair (or more if you can find multiple links) write which theme it covers:
community, conflict, justice, or wealth. For each one, you may ONLY choose
-Make sure you understand: what a stock is, what the stock market is, how the stock market
works, and why it crashed....
***Tomorrow you will be asked to make a visual interpretation of this information in a short
amount of time (maybe one period).

Helpful Links (vids and articles)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnJCOof2HJk (vid)
http://money.howstuffworks.com/personal-finance/financial-planning/stock.htm (article)
http://www.ehow.com/video_4756825_stock-market-crashes.html (vid)
http://eh.net/encyclopedia/article/Bierman.crash (article: Economic Historic Services)
http://www.pbs.org/fmc/timeline/estockmktcrash.htm (PBS timeline of the 1929 crash)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RJpLMvgUXe8 (vid: 1929 Wall Street Stock Market Crash)

TOPIC: How to Write a Bill

  • Preamble: This section should provide your reasons for the necessity of your bill. Why is your topic something that should be addressed by the government? This section's clauses should always begin with a "Whereas..."
  • Body: This section should be separated into sections and subsections. Each proposed idea for the implementation of the bill should be a section. Subsections should be used to provide further detail and clarification (definitions, etc.) for their appropriate bill sections.
  • Enactment Clause: This is the final section of the bill (and can be labeled as a section as normal). EACH BILL MUST HAVE AN ENACTMENT CLAUSE!! The enactment clause tells your fellow congressmen when your bill will take effect if passed. It may specify a future date (September 30, 2005) or a certain number of days following the passage of the bill (60 days after passage). Enactment dates within 30 days of passage are used for EMERGENCY legislation only. Enactment dates more than 90 days after passage is used for most legislation and is the enactment period for normal legislation.
Read over @http://www.auburnschools.org/ahs/wbbusbin/bill_guide.htm
Phase 1: Planning
Phase 2: Writing
the scoring rubric (not final)
the sections at the bottom of the page.

***HAVE ONE PERSON SET UP THE FORMAT IN A GOOGLE DOC, SO YOU CAN JUST PLUG THINGS IN, OR USE the bill template provided here. The only issue with the template is that not all group members can work on it at the same time and make edits. Only one person can. You might want to pull up this format next to your Google Doc. THE FORMAT MUST BE CORRECT. The sections go in the body. :)

Monday, May 2, 2011


Hi kids,

You should be well on your way to realizing the magnitude of the 1930s.
We have identified problems of the 1920s that set the U.S.A. up for disaster in 1929.
We have evaluated the status of the nation in the 1930s and projected what would happen if people were not there to fix it. Now, you are trying to identify a plan to solve the status of our nation after the Dust Bowl. You will be drawing ideas and improving on what was historically done (hint - I guess this means you have to know what was historically done before branching out).

We have been looking at FDR's first 100 days and the start of President Obama's administration (don't kid yourself if you think that Pres. Wilson isn't coming back in a little bit).

We also have been looking at the War on Terror with the death of Osama bin Laden and the Cuban Missile Crisis led by Pres. JFK.

We have quite a mix of topics going on, given the recent history that has been made, but through intertwining these events, we are providing our mental schema to grapple with the concepts and we eventually will construct our own knowledge/thoughts/beliefs on these topics. It will come full circle and make sense. :)

5/2 Homework


Miss Bailin will be wearing red, white, and blue the rest of the week OR something to honor those that made such historic events a possibility. Thank you.

It is imperative that you continue your research about the following topics and you commit your ideas to you Google Doc:
  • FDR: First 100 Days
  • Pres. Obama
****You are comparing and contrasting******
  • The Death of Osama bin Landen
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
Double, triple check, quadruple your sources and make sure you cross reference your sources.

Answer this question (where your group wants you to): How are you, as members of our govt. during the time of the Great Depression/Dirty 30s, going to solve the national problem of the Dust Bowl?

Things to think about....
  • Bankrupt farmers
  • Rural poverty
  • Healthcare
  • Masses moving to California (too many workers and not enough jobs....eek! Negativity from Cali...roughly one-third of the farmers left it all and headed to California)
  • Cali's infrastructure is overtaxed
  • Deserted land/farms
  • Drought
  • Agriculture destroyed
  • Destroyed land ( At the end of 1934, roughly 35 million acres of farmland were ruined, and the topsoil covering 100 million acres had blown away)
  • Prevention from an environmental standpoint

Thursday, April 28, 2011

4/28 Recap

Hi kids,

Today we got close to finishing up the AQOTWF presentations/discussions.
We also started identifying "problems" or "things that would raise concern" in the 1920s.
In your period 3/7 groups, you started analyzing what you really need to know about the Dust Bowl.

You have no "official" homework.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Prep Work 4/27

Watch: Surviving the Dust Bowl


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today you were able to extensively discuss AQOTWF and your homework is to summarize the highlights of your discussion and present it with your group tomorrow. You have to create a 5-10minute presentation. Make it however you want. Be creative and please....no FLUFF! Being different is the key. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

"Thinking" Homework

This morning's discussion was brilliant BLOCK I. Here's your thinking homework....(if you have a question, for the class, you can post it on here as a comment and we will cover it tomorrow). I'm not collecting anything, I just want you to put some prior thought into our discussion, so you aren't on the spot.

1. Looking at the order of the soldiers that died and the manner in which they met their death, is there any deeper significance to this? Was the author trying to use each death to tell us something different about the theme? What is it?

2. What are all the symbols you can think of? Setting? What do they symbolize?
Class examples: boots, animal behaviors, cancer, etc.

3. Why, out of all of the diseases, does his mother have cancer?

4. How are women portrayed in this novel? Why does the author do this?

5. What is the theme?
Class examples: loss of innocence, loss of humanity, instinct, loss of individuality, etc.

6. What is the significance of authority figures? Compare the authority figures in this novel? Why did the author make them have these similarities? How can this relate to a possible theme?

7. Devyn said: I'm hearing that you are saying that compassion and thinking are weak.
THOUGHTS? Is Paul weak? How? How not?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pay Attention to the Dates

Hello all,

You have been working a little bit each day on your documentaries for a few weeks now, so be mindful that the due date is Friday the 22nd.

You should have All Quiet on the Western Front read by Wednesday the 20th. Make sure you are checking those books in, so we can get the rotated or you have to download it online or find a copy on your own.

Your animated story..."One day Miss Bailin and Miss Leland went for a drive...." is due on Wednesday the 20th.

Your final showcase is due in May......sooooooo keep up to date on it.

Grades and deficiency reports will be done and going home on Tuesday, so any missing work will be entered as a zero over the weekend. You will not have extensions to turn in your missing products. Also remember that your products are worth 80% of your grade in 4th quarter, so you can't afford to blow any of them off. GAME TIME!

As a side note, our curriculum does not slow down after AIMS. We are still in school and learning until the last day. True story.

Monday, April 11, 2011


1. AIMS WEEK IS THIS WEEK.....please check your email for schedules and info. MAKE SURE YOU ARE EATING WELL (proteins and carbohydrates at each meal for instant and sustained energy), STAYING HYDRATED, and GETTING SLEEP.

Our class periods ALL WEEK are work periods. Decide what you need to focus on to make the due dates and all will be well.

2. You are reading ALL WEEK All Quiet on the Western Front when you are done with your AIMS test. You should be done on Monday, April 19th.

3. Animated STORY..."One day Miss Bailin and Miss Leland went for a drive....." (due Monday, April 19th)

4. Documentary due Friday, April 22nd

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

4/5 Homework

Complete what you didn't get done in class.

You should we working on your documentary and your final showcase a bit each day.

AIMS is next week.

Monday, April 4, 2011

4/4/2011 HOMEWORK

1. Complete your "Survivor" themed vote for
a. Make sure it HAS THE SAME THEME/MOOD as the show
b. Make sure your narration is CLEAR (no stutters, ums, pauses, correctly pronounced words,
c. Make sure you have MULTIPLE CONCRETE DETAILS that explain your choice!!!!!
*Save it on that thing I know nothing about as Your Number/First Name/SurvivorWWI
**This will be compiled into a massive show vote tomorrow by Luke H., so having the
correct title to keep it in order is imperative

2. Work on your WWI Documentary (please see instructions in pvOnline and refer to the
topic you signed up for on the :)DLC7 Google Doc. It is due 4/20

3. The final showcase is due May 14th

4. We will start reading AQOTWF soon

5. AIMS is next week!!!!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Scripts for the Documentary are due on FRIDAY, 3/25

Please have your documentary script printed BEFORE you come to school and ready to be handed in on Friday. I need Amish scripts to read through because I will have little access to the Internet over the weekend. Thank you for your understanding.

Documentary Procedures (due April 20th)

Hi kids,

Here is how you should process through the documentary movie that is due April 20th....

1. Sign up on the Google Doc (WWI Documentary Topics)
*You may only sign up for an event that someone else already has IF and ONLY IF ALL
other events are taken. You are you type of your name UNDER the person that selected
it first.

2. Process through ALL the events in your year, so you have the background (possible causes)
and the effects of your event.

3. Research Documentaries
a. Who are famous documentary film makers?
b. What are their styles? (How are documentaries UNIQUE from movies?)
c. How to write a documentary script

4. Organize your thoughts (outline, flow map, some type of pre-writing....

5. Write your script....DO THIS BEFORE GATHERING IMAGES!!!!
a. What you should cover:
1. How did your event come to be?
2. Thoroughly describe your event
3. Was your event was a contributing factor to the US entry in to the war? (Simply saying
yes or no is unacceptable)

5. Gather images/create slides...put project together!!!

6. Post it on your webpage under The Guns of August. Submissions will not be accepted if it is not on your page. This is a requirement. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Documentary Assistance and Clarification

How do I get started on the Documentary that is due on Wednesday, April 20th?
***You have to sign up for the year and the event on the Google Doc titled WWI Documentary topics. This is a solo project.

1. Go into pvOnline
a. Go to The Guns of August
b. Complete The US Entry into WWI: Two Opposing Viewpoints
c. A Documentary Chronology of WWI
1. Pick a year.
2. Process through the provided resources.
3. Pick ONE event within that year.
4. Design a documentary around that event.
5. Determine (this must be answered in your documentary): If the event was a
contributing factor to the US entry in to the war and PROVE it!!! Just your
opinion is not good enough.
***I would suggest researching what a strong documentary has, how to write a documentary script, famous documentary film makers, documentary film styles, and things of that nature. This WILL truly help you.*** Feel free to post helpful links in the comments section for others to view.

What should your child be working on?

Hi :)DLC7 Family,

I am out sick with pneumonia, so I wanted to share the tasks that the kids will be working on the next two days (the music video project was started two weeks ago roughly and the debate was formally started at the end of next week and they have had MANY work days).

Here is what is on your agenda for the next two days....it goes through what you should be working on, the NEW due dates (please mark your calendars or phones), and some helpful info. from me.
  1. Music video
  2. pvOnline (it is listed in the order for it to be completed…process through each section and always come back and see which questions you now can answer from the unit overview. Mark the ones you can’t. Then repeat for each section.)
    1. Unit overview and guiding questions – read this one, so you know what is expected of you. You should be able to answer these after each section.
    2. “The Origins of Wilsonianism” - make sure you can answer/discuss the learning objectives
    3. “Innovators and Traditionalists”
    4. “Innovators and Traditionalists: a debate”
    5. The US Entry into WWI: Two Opposing views
    6. A Documentary Chronology of World War I (this will be due on Wednesday, April 20th, so plan accordingly)– you will find the WWI documentary project on this page. This is a content heavy project. We started WWI with vid clips and high discussions, then pulled at your creativity with your music videos, worked in some debates for collaboration and public speaking opportunities, and now we are going to hit the content piece hard with a totally different feel than the other two ways we have been bringing this content to our minds.
  • Miss Bailin’s Notes/Help for the Class
  1. All of your points need to come back to the focus question: "How new was Wilson's foreign policy?" My suggestion is to read each of your points (not your whole speech, but each individual explained point) to someone and then ask them if it answers this question. It is does NOT clearly answer it, then revision is needed.
  2. If your teams would like (the pro and con sides MUST agree), we can remove the responses (First “con” response (5 minutes), First “pro” response (5 minutes), Second “con” response (5 minutes), and Second “pro” response (5 minutes), then your group can present the pro, con, pro, con speeches.

a. If you choose this, then the speaking members have to divide the two 10 minute speeches.

b. If you choose this, then the response section will be replaced with some rapid-fire (not real fire = hazardous = people could get hurt or be burned to death = someone could die = we don’t break that rule) Miss Bailin questions. J

c. This is my compromise, so feel free to take it or leave it. My feelings won’t be hurt either way. If some of you would like to choose this option, but still present your pieces that you have worked so hard on (directed at some amazing pieces I have read from Block I so far), then we can still present those. I don’t want to take anyone’s spotlight away from them.

d. Just one person from your group, shoot me an email with what your groups decide and I will prepare accordingly. The best way to settle this is a vote.

e. I won’t be mad or disappointed with whatever you choose. J

  1. Each person is graded on their individual contributions to the group as well as their individual public speaking performance. This means that if someone didn’t do the section that the team decided, then that person does not get credit AND the group is not penalized.
  2. Please email me if you are in the Bracket Debates with the Leaders, so I know how many to plan for.
  3. DUE DATES!!!! FINAL CHANGES!!! The goal for the start of next week is to get all the loose ends tied up, so we can cleanly move on. I know we are all feeling a bit rushed and stretched thin, so let’s get it all done.
    1. Monday, March 21st

i. Period 1 I have some things planned, but I want to gather and reflect on how Thursday and Friday went before moving on.

ii. Period 2 – THEE Matty West v. Sando Showdown in JDLC7 lab. If you aren’t watching, then you are working on your projects.

iii. Period 3 – ALL JDLC7 together: The final trial (ALL ATTORNEYS MUST COME TO SCHOOL DRESSED AS WELL AS THE WITNESSES…we will not be using class time to get ready.

iv. Period 6 - I have some things planned, but I want to gather and reflect on how Thursday and Friday went before moving on.

v. Period 7We finish our Bracket Break Down Debates to see which student debates it the best in ALL JDLC7!!!!

vi. Period 8 - To be announced….

    1. Tuesday, March 22nd

i. The Innovators v. Traditionalists debate will be happening TODAY!!!!

    1. Wednesday, March 23rd

i. Music videos will be due TODAYIT MUST BE POSTED ON YOUR WEBPAGE (unless I spoke with you privately).

1. For those of you in groups of two or three, while the other person is working on their part, YOU should be working on the debate or the next section in pvOnline (The US Entry into WWI: Two opposing views) and the documentary project (up and coming project).

Monday, March 14, 2011

3/15 Homework (or Continuing Work)

Hi kids,

Final showcase is DUE in May.....so make sure you are staying up on it.

Your music video should be uploaded to your Guns of August webpage ON FRIDAY! That is when it is due!!!

You should be working on your Traditionalists v. Innovators Debate. I am ball parking this to be done on Thursday. Please remember that the students that are NOT speaking will only be able to work with your group for ONE day. *hint*hint*

You need to be processing through The Gus of August unit in pvOnline.

The documentary project is the next project that is coming up. This requires A LOT of research and higher level content reading.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The First of March's HOMEWORK

1. Make sure you have your arguments ready for your Sweet 16 brackets!!!!! (due Thursday)

2. Complete the Google Doc for your song/topic. The songs are due on March 9th. After the song has been recorded, you will create a music video (no due date for the video yet).

Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Day of February HOMEWORK

Hi kids,

We are an amazing classroom community. Each block has bonded within itself. We have bonded as a whole program. Our 7th and 8th graders have started collaborating, so now it is time to start branching out into our school community. 1. Please post your ideas (ON THIS BLOG AS A COMMENT) for collaborating with another class during our WWI unit. Here are some samples:

Hi Miss Bailin,

I would like to work with a writing class. They have a two period block, so that would give us more time to collaborate. Since we will be reading All Quiet on the Western Front, I think the other class should read it as well and we do literature circles with another class. We could keep track of our progress on a group blog. At the end, we could create a tech product and post it to our webpage.

Little Miss Bailin

Hi Miss Bailin,

I would like to work with Gen Yes and create a multi-media product of WWI. I thought it was cool when they do claymation and I'd like to learn how to do that.

Little Miss Bailin II

2. Get your bracket down to the Sweet 16. Start determining your reasoning for each choice. YOU WILL DEFENDING YOUR CHOICES ON THURSDAY/FRIDAY. :)

3. Tomorrow we will be getting into Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, J.P. Morgan, and Vanderbilt with a focus on free enterprise tomorrow. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO look at a person tonight, then you may. You will be divided into groups tomorrow and becoming an expert on your person. :) If you commit to a person tonight, then you are HIGHLY likely to be granted that person in class the following day. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekend Homework

Attorneys.....keep on working on your script.

Everyone....complete your brackets (ONLY ROUND ONE AND TWO). Keep these things in mind...
1. You won't put two powerhouses against each other in round one....be thinking about the Elite 8 for that. ;) Divide it up. ;)

2. Political Movements/reform
3. Military
4. Population
5. Economic status of their country
6. Access to technology/advancements
7. Alliances
8. Land mass/imperialism/colonies/sphere of influence
9. Geographic location/strategic advantage
10. Trade Routes/Access to water
11. Natural Resources

Thursday, February 17, 2011

2/17/2011 Homework

Tonight’s Homework - YOU WILL BE POSTING YOUR RESPONSE ON YOUR OWN BLOG. Please title it OPTION #/Literary Analysis of WWI.


Here are the steps for being successful with OPTION ONE.

  1. Choose a(n) topic/event/person leading up to WWI.
  2. Find a poem/piece of writing that applies to your topic/event/person.
  3. Analyze the poem/piece of writing by EXPLAINING how your topic/event/person and your poem/piece of writing are related!!! BE CLEVER, but not lofty! There are times when things are obvious and times when things are unseen by the naked eye. Choose your path wisely. I’m confident that BOTH will challenge you.

FORMAT FOR OPTION ONE…please number your response as shown below.

  1. Type your topic/event here. Then provide a summary. Now post a link where someone can learn more about the topic/event.
  2. Copy and paste the poem you found here. Now post a link where someone can find the poem.
  3. Now write your analysis. “If I were you…” *wink *wink for each piece of commentary you have, I would copy and paste a line from the poem as my concrete detail and include specifics about the event. J


If you choose this option, you will be on your own. I will provide no format for it. All I ask is that you write your steps for being successful with this option (like I did for OPTION ONE…please see above). It is important to do this because it gives your audience insight into your posting and allows them to be an active participant in your plan.

You will post your STEPS and then number your response, so that it matches.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

2/16/2011 HOMEWORK

Hello all,

As shallow research looms in the darkness of our minds, we must remind ourselves that knowledge is the light and curiosity is the spark.

1. With learning at the forefront, tonight's tasks involve gaining an understanding of some of the topics on the Google Doc that I shared with you titled Miss Bailin's Sir Mix-A-Lot Topics.

2. Attorneys should be finalizing their witness lists and questions. Tomorrow we will be mixing up the classes, so that attorneys can work with their opposition.

3. Please read the following poem, The White Man's Burden, by Rudyard Kipling and determine answers to the three prompts in your BLOG. Title the BLOG entry The White Man's Burden & Imperialism. This MUST be done before you walk into class because we will be using it in class. Your blog should look like this:

1. Determine what Kipling means by "the White Man's Burden."
2. Does Kipling justify imperialism? How so?
3. Why might such a justification might be so appealing?

The White Man's Burden
Rudyard Kipling

Imperialism was often glorified both by those actively involved in it and by the public at home. Part of this glorification involved perceiving imperialism as a Christian and nationalistic venture. More broadly it involved portraying imperialism as a heroic deed carried out by idealistic leaders of Western civilization in an effort to spread the "benefits" of "true civilization" to 'less advanced" peoples of the world. One of the most popular expressions of this is found in the writings of Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), particularly in his poem "The White Man's Burden," written in 1899 to celebrate the American annexation of the Philippines.

Consider while reading and then determine responses: What Kipling means by "the White Man's burden"; how Kipling justifies imperialism; why such a justification might be so appealing?

Take up the White Man's burden-
Send forth the best ye breed-
Go, bind your sons to exile
To serve your captives' need;
To wait, in heavy harness,
On fluttered folk and wild-

Your new-caught sullen peoples,
Half devil and half child.

Take up the White Man's burden-
In patience to abide,
To veil the threat of terror
And check the show of pride;
By open speech and simple,
An hundred times made plain,
To seek another's profit
And work another's gain.

Take up the White Man's burden-
The savage wars of peace-
Fill full the mouth of Famine,
And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest
(The end for others sought)
Watch sloth and heathen folly
Bring all your hope to nought.

Take up the White Man's burden-
No iron rule of kings,
But toil of serf and sweeper-
The tale of common things.
The ports ye shall not enter,
The roads ye shall not tread,
Go, make them with your living
And mark them with your dead.

Take up the White Man's burden,
And reap his old reward-
The blame of those ye better
The hate of those ye guard-
The cry of hosts ye humour
(Ah, slowly!) toward the light:-
"Why brought ye us from bondage,
Our loved Egyptian night?"

Take up the White Man's burden-
Ye dare not stoop to less-
Nor call too loud on Freedom
To cloke your weariness.
By all ye will or whisper,
By all ye leave or do,
The silent sullen peoples
Shall weigh your God and you.

Take up the White Man's burden!
Have done with childish days-
The lightly-proffered laurel,
The easy ungrudged praise:
Comes now, to search your manhood
Through all the thankless years,
Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom,
The judgment of your peers.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2/15/2011 HOMEWORK

Hi kids,

Tonight your homework is to gain an understanding of the empires (which countries controlled which lands and why...i.e. raw materials, geographically, etc.) surrounding WWI and politically which countries enforced which type of government.

*I included some links with various levels of information depending on your interests.

Helpful Links
British Empire
(MAP) http://users.erols.com/mwhite28/brit-emp.htm
(MASS HISTORY) http://www.historyworld.net/wrldhis/PlainTextHistories.asp?historyid=aa16

Countries Involved in WWI

German Empire

Background on Russia

Middle East during WWI...WWI...http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/wwone/middle_east_01.shtml

Monday, February 14, 2011

2/14/2011 HOMEWORK

Our front-loading is now complete. The students have completed their smaller units of study (1877-1913, 1920s, and 1930s). We shall start the 1877-1913 presentation in a few days.

Today we started learning about the background of World War I.
We accessed prior knowledge, broke down the content with small research, partner, small group, and whole class discussions combined with lecture, video clips, and interactive maps.

Our Key Points for Today
1. Causes of War
2. Geographical Strategies
3. Political Powers

Helpful Links

Song Trivia of the Day (and Thursday's)
Q. Who sang the version of Mr. Tambourine Man that played today?
a. Bob Dylan

Q. Who addressed the American people with a reference from the song that is currently
a. President Ronald Reagan/P.Y.T by Michael Jackson/1984
b. http://www.reference.com/browse/young+thing

We divided into the Triple Entente and the Triple Alliance and each group has to re-word a timeline into a script for a narrator to read and the actors will physically demonstrate what the countries do.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

1. Your final showcase is due in MAY!!!! Be working a little bit. Don't forget to SAVE an export
as you go! No late products. No exceptions.

2. Make sure you spend some time on your new device.
a. Here are the vids from today:
b. Here is the survey link (submit: tips, troubleshooting, bugs, glitches, ideas, viruses, etc.):

3. Add to your time period Google Doc (shared with Block I and Block II)
a. 1877-1913, 1920s, and 1930s
b. You are adding topics that include the following
1. Year
2. Event
3. Skip your name because this is simply brainstorming right now, so that you have a feel
for the time period
4. Summary w/ URL (add the URLs as you go, so you can refer back to it and make easy
citations in the future)

4. Add ideas under the 7th grader column to your 8th graders Frankenstein Google Doc

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday's Homework 2/1/11

BLOCK I - know what you're going to say tomorrow. Do not speak like a robot.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

1/26 HW

Block I
1. Complete questions for groups A-G. REMEMBER - you are doing it in a Google Doc and you will be reporting out to the class.
2. Add :)DLC8 to your BLOG and share them as can edit on your website. :)

1. Complete your questions by Friday.
2. Add :)DLC8 to your BLOG and share them as can edit on your website. :)

Accept the students' invites, read their blogs, and post comments.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday, January 20th, 2010 BLOCK I

  1. Complete your second peer review/feedback and add it to the comment section on your parenter's page.
  2. MAKE THE CHANGES TO YOUR WEBSITE. Please keep in mind the categories and the descriptions your worked on today. Here is the info. from my email that you used today: USE THIS LINK http://educatoral.com/website_design_rubric.html to read more about each category and give quality feeback. YOU MUST WRITE THE CATEGORY TITLE (Excellent, Satisfactory, and so on) next to the category title and YOU MUST INCLUDE COMMENTS.

  3. Content:

    Learning of Material:

    Comments/Links that don't work/Unnecessary links:




    Color Choices:





    Contact Info./Webmaster:

    Spelling & Grammar:
    Comments/Noted Errors/Word Choice Suggestions:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday, 1/19/2010

  1. You should all have your plans done. Please email me a copy of each person's topic/job/whatever you would like to call it. Everyone should have their parts done by Friday, so you can put it together. On Monday, you will have ONE period to run through it (not full screen).
  2. Your websites are due Friday 1/21. Tomorrow (Thursday) we will do peer feedback.
  1. You should be working on your websites tonight. Peer feedback is tomorrow.
  2. Tomorrow, in class, you will be devising your plan for presenting your side's Reconstruction plan.
Large, KEY text
Meaningful images
Content Points/Benefits/
Conclusion (Strong)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tuesday, January 18th

Hi kids,
This is just a reminder that tomorrow you will be working on the next section in pvOnline. I have it written on the board. The directions are in pvOnline and need to be followed WORD FOR WORD!!!! Your groups are also on the board. You are getting into the plans behind Reconstruction. Reconstruction doesn't just happen...the war ends, documents are signed, but now the nation needs a plan to come back together and re-establish economic health among its citizens!!! (When I say this in my head, it sounds much more dramatic). For your presentations, EACH group member MUST speak and have a technology piece that goes along with each person's segment. Each person needs to complete and upload their questions and I would recommend that the part that each person is assigned....they have to make their own slides and then you guys upload teh slides to one piece. PLAN PLAN PLAN....you will not be the ony audience wacthing these. The due date is Monday. ;)
I would be shocked if anyone has time to work on their website, but if you do...then that is what you do with your extra time. It is due on Friday.
Remember that passwords to the vids are pvmac pvmac if you need it. :)

In closing: Reconstruction webpage/website should be within your :)DLC7 site and is due on Friday. Our first review of it is on Wednesday. You will be presenting your Reconstruction plans on Monday to a live audience. Make sure each person has slides that go along with what they are saying. When you are trying to really bring a point home and make it understandable to an audience, visual aides/key terms are VERY important. :) It would be worthy of you to watch/brush up on how to present to an audience (youtube).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Due on 1/14

1. Metaphoric Picture
2. Your Web Page for your state during the Reconstruction Period
a. Please read the details below and check your email (Block I only, BLock II already knows
theirs) for which state you have been assigned. Further information and THE
RESOURCES you NEED are in pvOnline (distancia.pvschools.net)
3. I will be going over how to set it up tomorrow in class.
4. Make sure you read the ultimate goal at the bottom of this page. :) Good luck!

You will review a document authored by someone affected by the devastation of the Civil War. The authors were selected to show a variety of contrasting views and also to reflect the different ways that reconstruction affected various states. While one document cannot speak to the effects of the war on an entire state, it will give you an insight into what may have represented a common experience and reaction to the War and its aftermath.

You will analyze the impact of the Civil War through the claims in your document and as they relate to your assigned state. To do this, you will also work through the interactive maps, pictures and quotes as you complete the questions that follow. These are primary source documents that may use language that is unfamiliar to you. No attempts have been made to correct grammatical or spelling errors. Consult a dictionary for unfamiliar terms.

When you have completed your document analysis, you will build a web page in pvlearners that illustrates what you have learned about the condition of life in your state following the Civil War.
Here are some tips:

  • write about a point that is interesting to you or that YOU found particularly moving or disturbing
  • use photographs and quotes to illustrate your points
  • use specific statistics to help explain why the author of your document felt they way he/she did.
  • what would it take to make the author of your document believe reconstruction is a good thing? Is it a good thing?
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help from your friends or teachers

You will give and receive feedback for your site. The classes will choose one website for each of the states studied to be archived as examples of student work for next year and be listed as a feature site on the district homepage!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

It is fantastic to write 2011. I have a feeling that it is going to be incredible. Hints for success can be found on the blog. :)

Today we started getting back in the groove of school. We did a little break recap, went over two assignments, explained the differences between 1st semester and 2nd semester, and finalized our teaching topics for tomorrow's presentations.

Projects that were introduced today: Descriptions of the Final Showcase Digital Product (due May 16th) and the Metaphorical Self-Portrait (due 1/14) are on the Assignment Calendar page, but here are the initial descriptions.

Tonight's Homework: Brush up on your knowledge of the following topics: battles, turning points, how the war ended, political figures, generals, strategies, and documents/speeches.

I sure hope you were listening when your classmates were speaking today. I sure was. ;)


The Final Showcase Digital Product for :)DLC7 has few restrictions. As long as the product is school-appropriate and displays advanced mastery of digital 21st century skills and uses the focus piece, the students have creative freedom. Creativity, originality, and innovation are KEY and should be the focus of this piece. Students ARE NOT to use classmates to share ideas. These products SHOULD BE unveiled for the first time when we view it on the 16th of May. This project also does NOT have a rubric.

For the Metaphoric Picture (due 1/14/2010), students are to use a legal sized piece of paper (can be card stock depending on what they want to put on it) and make a scene or cover the entire background with symbols for themselves. It can include things they think, fear, hopes, dreams, experiences, life lessons, mantras, etc. but it needs to send the message without being too obvious. There should be a space left where their faces should be. These can be realistic or abstract. You will find that the abstract ones will get more of the creative juices flowing and it is a good way to start mentally preparing for the creative outlets that this semester requires. Students are welcome and encouraged to look up the meanings of colors, animals, etc. Few things that are included should or will be gender specific. One of the great things about this piece, is that it doesn't show gender. It makes the activity more interesting. Please don't SHOW THESE to your peers because that will drastically change the plan....