Tuesday, May 3, 2011

5/3 Recap and Homework (A Simple Version)

What should I have finished in class?
  • Periods 1 & 6 - Luke Hellum gave a presentation on the rise of Osama bin Laden yesterday and today he gave the information on the current situation in Libya and what led up to it. For these presentations, you need to be aware of key concepts (you don't have to know how to spell names or cities), resources, types of government, geopolitics, and locations on the map. This will provide the background for a future simulation.

  • Periods 2 & 8 - Today in class, you focused on creating a list of events (problems) for the 1920s and how it directly ties to an event (problem) in the 1930s. You then determined which theme (only one per event pair or set: community, conflict, justice, or wealth). THIS LIST SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE BEFORE YOU LEFT SCHOOL TODAY. :) If you do it with key words and then make it into sentences later, then you will have your script for tomorrow done. :) Work smarter...not harder. You should email Miss Bailin when this list is done.

  • Periods 3 & 7 - In your groups, you discussed ways to change the state of the nation by cleaning up the Dust Bowl from a national level. You were thinking as congressmen and basing your ideas on what historically was done and making improvements. You committed these ideas in writing on your group's Google Doc.

What is my homework/prep work for success?
  • Periods 1 & 6 - You may email Luke any questions or request resources for further learning (optional, but interesting).

  • Periods 2 & 8 - Plan out your events for your DNP and write your script. You MAY work on it at home. You will have ONE period tomorrow to put it together, record, and export it. It should be roughly 1 minute-2 minutes. Think about the tools you can use to make the process easier for you. Think of yourself as a "technical assassin." You get your objective, make your plan, and then execute it the most effectively = "technical assassin."

  • Periods 3 & 7 - Read the content from the provided sites on the 5/3 Homework Post (posted earlier today). This has the links, background, and format for the bills you will be writing. Since you are congressmen, it makes sense that you would be writing bills. :)

What can I work on if I know I will be busy the next couple of nights?

  • Pres. FDR's 100 Days, Pres. Obama's administration, & Pres. Woodrow Wilson (compare and contrast....you already started this Google Doc)
  • The War on Terror/Death of Osama bin Laden & the Cuban Missile Crisis (compare and contrast...you already started this Google Doc)
  • Final Showcase is due Monday, May 16th
  • You can create another page on your website titled Finale. This will be where your final showcase will be housed, the video of what you want to be when you grow up (we will be taping when you present), your "One Day Miss Bailin and Miss Leland Went for a Drive" video, and some end of the year stuff.

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