Monday, May 2, 2011

5/2 Homework


Miss Bailin will be wearing red, white, and blue the rest of the week OR something to honor those that made such historic events a possibility. Thank you.

It is imperative that you continue your research about the following topics and you commit your ideas to you Google Doc:
  • FDR: First 100 Days
  • Pres. Obama
****You are comparing and contrasting******
  • The Death of Osama bin Landen
  • Cuban Missile Crisis
Double, triple check, quadruple your sources and make sure you cross reference your sources.

Answer this question (where your group wants you to): How are you, as members of our govt. during the time of the Great Depression/Dirty 30s, going to solve the national problem of the Dust Bowl?

Things to think about....
  • Bankrupt farmers
  • Rural poverty
  • Healthcare
  • Masses moving to California (too many workers and not enough jobs....eek! Negativity from Cali...roughly one-third of the farmers left it all and headed to California)
  • Cali's infrastructure is overtaxed
  • Deserted land/farms
  • Drought
  • Agriculture destroyed
  • Destroyed land ( At the end of 1934, roughly 35 million acres of farmland were ruined, and the topsoil covering 100 million acres had blown away)
  • Prevention from an environmental standpoint

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