Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pay Attention to the Dates

Hello all,

You have been working a little bit each day on your documentaries for a few weeks now, so be mindful that the due date is Friday the 22nd.

You should have All Quiet on the Western Front read by Wednesday the 20th. Make sure you are checking those books in, so we can get the rotated or you have to download it online or find a copy on your own.

Your animated story..."One day Miss Bailin and Miss Leland went for a drive...." is due on Wednesday the 20th.

Your final showcase is due in May......sooooooo keep up to date on it.

Grades and deficiency reports will be done and going home on Tuesday, so any missing work will be entered as a zero over the weekend. You will not have extensions to turn in your missing products. Also remember that your products are worth 80% of your grade in 4th quarter, so you can't afford to blow any of them off. GAME TIME!

As a side note, our curriculum does not slow down after AIMS. We are still in school and learning until the last day. True story.

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