Thursday, March 17, 2011

Documentary Assistance and Clarification

How do I get started on the Documentary that is due on Wednesday, April 20th?
***You have to sign up for the year and the event on the Google Doc titled WWI Documentary topics. This is a solo project.

1. Go into pvOnline
a. Go to The Guns of August
b. Complete The US Entry into WWI: Two Opposing Viewpoints
c. A Documentary Chronology of WWI
1. Pick a year.
2. Process through the provided resources.
3. Pick ONE event within that year.
4. Design a documentary around that event.
5. Determine (this must be answered in your documentary): If the event was a
contributing factor to the US entry in to the war and PROVE it!!! Just your
opinion is not good enough.
***I would suggest researching what a strong documentary has, how to write a documentary script, famous documentary film makers, documentary film styles, and things of that nature. This WILL truly help you.*** Feel free to post helpful links in the comments section for others to view.

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