Monday, March 21, 2011

Documentary Procedures (due April 20th)

Hi kids,

Here is how you should process through the documentary movie that is due April 20th....

1. Sign up on the Google Doc (WWI Documentary Topics)
*You may only sign up for an event that someone else already has IF and ONLY IF ALL
other events are taken. You are you type of your name UNDER the person that selected
it first.

2. Process through ALL the events in your year, so you have the background (possible causes)
and the effects of your event.

3. Research Documentaries
a. Who are famous documentary film makers?
b. What are their styles? (How are documentaries UNIQUE from movies?)
c. How to write a documentary script

4. Organize your thoughts (outline, flow map, some type of pre-writing....

5. Write your script....DO THIS BEFORE GATHERING IMAGES!!!!
a. What you should cover:
1. How did your event come to be?
2. Thoroughly describe your event
3. Was your event was a contributing factor to the US entry in to the war? (Simply saying
yes or no is unacceptable)

5. Gather images/create slides...put project together!!!

6. Post it on your webpage under The Guns of August. Submissions will not be accepted if it is not on your page. This is a requirement. :)

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