Monday, February 28, 2011

Last Day of February HOMEWORK

Hi kids,

We are an amazing classroom community. Each block has bonded within itself. We have bonded as a whole program. Our 7th and 8th graders have started collaborating, so now it is time to start branching out into our school community. 1. Please post your ideas (ON THIS BLOG AS A COMMENT) for collaborating with another class during our WWI unit. Here are some samples:

Hi Miss Bailin,

I would like to work with a writing class. They have a two period block, so that would give us more time to collaborate. Since we will be reading All Quiet on the Western Front, I think the other class should read it as well and we do literature circles with another class. We could keep track of our progress on a group blog. At the end, we could create a tech product and post it to our webpage.

Little Miss Bailin

Hi Miss Bailin,

I would like to work with Gen Yes and create a multi-media product of WWI. I thought it was cool when they do claymation and I'd like to learn how to do that.

Little Miss Bailin II

2. Get your bracket down to the Sweet 16. Start determining your reasoning for each choice. YOU WILL DEFENDING YOUR CHOICES ON THURSDAY/FRIDAY. :)

3. Tomorrow we will be getting into Carnegie, Rockefeller, Ford, J.P. Morgan, and Vanderbilt with a focus on free enterprise tomorrow. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO look at a person tonight, then you may. You will be divided into groups tomorrow and becoming an expert on your person. :) If you commit to a person tonight, then you are HIGHLY likely to be granted that person in class the following day. :)


  1. Hi Miss Bailin,

    I think that we should work with the kids in the high school CREST program. I don't have any specific topic for that idea.

    Thx for reading,
    Kira Gedris

  2. Hi Miss Bailin,
    I would like to work with either a English/Writing-Block of 7th graders or some high school students. I would like to do a multi-media project or do a poster-board project. Both would explain and show something about WW1.


  3. Hi Miss Bailin,

    I am strongly passionate about the idea of participating a class of "popular" kids, such as Ms. Ford's 4th Period. (But obviously one thats not in 4th period) I would like to do this to show that we aren't completely full of ourselves. (I have been told by some who hate us that they think we are better than them.) (Of course, they are jealous too) They could realize that we can be decent people and that they could make amazing projects if they put their minds to it.

    Robert Martin

  4. Hey Miss Bailin,

    I love the idea of having a movie day with a different class. I think we should invite Miss Bell's 7th and 8th period class to do that.

    I would like to work with 7th graders so we can meet people who we might be with next year. Maybe a class can read the unit book with us and we can create a digitally narrated product at the end of the unit. We could pair up and work in partners with someone from the other class when we are doing this.

    Thanks for reading!!!
    Emma Page

  5. Hi Miss Bailin,

    I think that we should try making some 3D dioramas for WWI/WWII/Civil War using Sketchup. I think they will enjoy working with the 3Dementional effects and find the program easy to use.

    #Nick Ryan#

  6. Hi Miss Bailin,

    I would like to work with P.1 Mr. Such because I have a friend in there, and I don't really see him often, so maybe I could do a project with him about WW1.

    :) Brandt

  7. Hey Miss Bailin,

    I was thinking for this collaborative assignment I would like to collaborate with an English/ Literature class, I don't really have a preferred one, so that we could have two periods to discuss if we really get into it. If we don't I guess we could leave :/

    Another idea that I liked which you proposed was a movie day where we show our DNPs to the other class and they could comment on them or something. I have no specific class that we could do this with I don't think it really matters.

    Ciara :)

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  9. Hey Miss. Bailin,

    The first idea I have is that we could have a SS class, who has studied WWI, come pair up with one us and we learn about one topic. Then we could make a glogster together, this way they won't have to learn too much tech stuff, but still learn a whole ton of info and it would be easier for them to work with us.
    Also we could work with the Gen Yes group because of their knowledge with technology. We could make a DNP on WWI with them and have a movie day, just relaxing while we watch each others projects and eating popcorn.
    Thirdly, the Gen Yes could read the book All Quiet on the Western Front and we could make a tech product on a specific scene, like what we did with Red badge of Courage. Then we could have a day where they would guess what scene it is and they would explain what we were trying to represent.

    Thanks for reading,
    :) Alison (aka A-Rock)

  10. Hi, Ms. Bailin
    I am not sure on the class, but I would like to do a poster board type idea like they did last year we got to come in and see. It would be based off of WWI and could have a main topic to do. There could be like three main overarching topic and each group would pick a subtopic under it. It could be a historic and influential charchter in that time period; that could be a main topic. Then another topic could be on main countries in the war and do show how the strategical planning of the empire/or territories they have positioned and how each country had gained their own advantage.

    Another idea for a project is if we got int osmall groups and imagined if we were the admiral and got to position and move their regiments(kind of like chess in comparison). They could maybe end up going up against another group. You could name off a prior country to each group and they can figure out their main rival and "fight" against each other.


  11. Hi Miss Bailin,

    I think we should work with Miss Binder's 6th Period class. After they work on reading a novel, they have literature options, on book reviews and projects about the book, to help them better comprehend the main idea of the book. If we combined this sense of technology with a book study, and kids that are willing to put their minds together to make a great product, we could achieve something stellar, and that is what I am receiving from this class combination idea. Also we could have a group, or partner presentation of scenes, like we did with the Red Badge of Courage. Also do some of the stuff that happens in a novel that could be read. For example, if we had a book full of court cases, and debates, and things of that matter, we could incorporate trials and debates, with the two classes.

    Thanks for reading,

  12. Miss Bailin,

    I think it would be cool to work with a writing block, since they would have two periods to work, but i dont have any preference as to which one. I think it would be interesting to do another author study, this time focusing on the new ideas from the block we would be working with.

  13. Miss Bailin,

    I think it would be a great idea to make a list of all the people who we know have made fun of us or put us down or given harsh and crude names to the dlc. We would put them all in one gigantic group. Then after that is done we will have them create a power point on whatever software they please. After that we come in and slowly but surely push a way in to help the people who have been mean to us. Because we gave them any tool they wanted to create with that may prove a problem for someone who does not know the system. We could simply ask each other or someone that knew and we would be home free.

    Much Love,
    Sinai T.

  14. Hey Miss Bailin,

    I would really enjoy being able to collaborate with Miss Binder's 4th and 6th period english class. They were reading Jurassic Park and I think it would be cool if we could pair one DLCer with one of Miss Binder's students. First the DLCers would teach there partner how to make a pretty basic Keynote/iMovie sort of like what we did the very first week of school. Then one partner would would teach the other about the topic, the DLCer about WWI, the other student about Jurassic Park or what ever else they are working on. Then Miss Binder's student would have to make a Keynote/iMovie about what they learned and we would judge them. They would get graded on the content and the presentation and the DLCers would get graded on how they did. Then the DlCers would make a product on Jurassic Park/or whatever else they are working on. They would grade us, and are partner would get a grade for how well we presented the content.

    Thanks for reading,

  15. Hi Miss Bailin,
    I was thinking that maybe we could collaborate with drama or something so that way we can all act out ans record us doing something related to WWI and then they can help us edit the video so it is totally awesome and stuff.

    Little Miss Bailin III, I mean Devon

  16. Hi Miss Bailin,
    I was thinking that we could do a literature connection to history and technology. Similar to what we recently did, we would find a poem that would show how people might have felt during all the battles and on the home-front (It would be written by someone who was actually in battle or stayed behind). This could give us a deeper insight on what life was really like for actual people who were apart of it.Then, we would put together a keynote that would symbolize what the poem was about in a figurative way, as well as show how it could relate to our WWI connection. The keynote would eventually be imported into imovie and possibly narrated. I was thinking we could work with Miss Bell's 7 & 8 period class for this.

  17. Hi Miss Bailin,

    I would enjoy working with Mrs. Binder's period 4th and 6th students. I think it would be great to work together with them on a literary piece, and teaching them some things about technology (example: keynote, imovie, google sites, etc.). I know some of these kids, and I think they might be interested in collaborating with us, and learning more about technology. We could maybe read a poem/short story/novel about WWI (or maybe the general technological world and how it combines with our generation), and we could teach/collaborate to make a digital product they would present.

    Also, I love the idea of having a movie night (really day) to show other students a taste of what DLC7 is all about. I think more people would respect us if we were to do this, and if we did this before they collaborated with us, the students could pick people they wanted to work with based on the technological skills that were demonstrated, and what they are interested in.

    Please consider my thoughts.

    Thank you,

    Elizabeth :)

  18. Maybe we could organize something with then middle or hi school IB program. It would be interesting to see how we calaborate plus they have multiple pieriods together same as us.

  19. Hi Miss Bailin,

    As many people have said, I think we should invite Miss Bell's 7th and 8th period class to have a movie day to see what products DLC7 has created.They could pick partners based on the projects that they saw and what they liked about them.

    I would rather work with 7th graders so we can meet people who we might be with next year.I also think that many kids in DLC would like to work with other students a little bit out of their comfort zone, but that could help DLC expand and make sure that the students coming in next year have solid ground to start off on.

  20. Hi Ms. Bailin

    I don't have any ideas on who to invite, but I know what I want to do. I think we should pair up with a class, and pair each student with somebody else. Then we would spend one to two visits just getting to know each other, and the DLC kid introduce the other kids to Keynote, Google Software, etc. We should see what they know (if they do know anything about the software), and then teach them how to use it. Then we would integrate the software with the the content we are studying, or other things. We would make projects, present them, and everybody would learn. I think that the DLC curriculum is very successful, because everyone (for the most part) learns when we divide the subject in to sub-subjects (For lack of a better term), and teach. I think that it would work for the other kids, and it would be really cool watching them learn, and I'm sure they would appreciate it and have fun using the technology. I would rather work with 7th graders, as apposed to 8th graders, because I think DLC is a little anti-social. I know I am, in classes outside of DLC, because I talk to the same people, who are in DLC. A lot of other people make fun of me because I'm in DLC, so I think they wouldn't if they knew what we were capable of, and actually met us, and stopped stereotyping.

    Thanks for reading, and sorry for 3rd period!!,

  21. Miss Bailin,
    I am getting into the idea of working with High School students. I don't have an idea for what we could do yet, but that is mostly because I don't know what they know/ don't know tech wise. Like Kira said, working with the CREST program would be wonderful, but I am aiming for the idea of simply working with them to experience the effecs of High School, and maybe even expanding more on the idea of digital/science/ etc. careers.

    Thank ya :)

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  23. Miss Bailin,
    I think we should join a class and have everyone pair up. Then we could teach them the basics of Keynote and iMovie and create a project together. Maybe we could skip grading them though just so no one gets upset about what grade they might get. It would also be really cool if we could collaborate with a high school!


  24. Hi Ms. Bailin,

    I agree with Connor and think we should collaborate with Binder periods 4-6. Some of us know and are friends with some kids in there and get along well with them. We could do things like literature analysis and make them into Keynotes or iMovies or things. We could maybe teach them a little about technology and its tools.

    Matty West

  25. Hi Ms. Bailin,

    I think we should work with a science class and go into the inventions of planes and gases that were used in the war. We could also show them the basics of Keynote and Google presentations because some times they have to make Google presentations in other classes.

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  27. Hey Mrs. Bailin!
    I think i'd be loads of fun to work with 7 and 8th period Newell- English. They have 2 periods- and its 8th graders- so we would have a new different audience! Plus we could do a novel study together- and show them how to make a keynote, and do a DNP on the novel together :)
    I also *LOVE* the idea of the store for the special needs kids and I'd LOVE to help as much as I can with that! i'd love to spend time with them :D

    Codster :)

  28. Dear Ms. Bailin
    I really am looking forward to working with a writing group, but I do not have a specific one that I would like to work with. Together, we could read a book (maybe even one we could pick ourselves- but this is up to you) and analyze it in a discussion format. Per discussion group (there will be bout 3 kids form DLC and 3 from the Writing group), we would have a DLC leader and a Writing class leader, but the DLC would not know who the writing leader is, and vice versa. The two leaders would have to facilitate the discussion if it were to veer off topic. There COULD also be some sort of game for points for the team that comes up with the best discussions, or the points could be for a surprise topic that the teachers would come up with. I found that so far this year I have not mastered the discussion facilitation, and I think that this is the perfect opportunity to collaborate and do so.

    I also want to let you know that I am willing to help out in ANY way with the store that Special Ed will do together.

    Thank you!
    Kiana Clarke :D

  29. Dear Ms. Bailin
    It would be fun to collaborate with a writing/literature class and do a novel study. We could facilitate discussion and show them the tools of the trade such as keynote. There would be organized activities and scheduled projects. For a bit of a challenge we could draw a random project from a hat or jar. Then it would be up to us as students to adapt and find new inventive ways to complete it.

    Katelyn Loreman

  30. We could teach a social studies class about google one day then we could also create a scene from one of the novels about world war I. It would be like the RBOC one except we would have to physically build a small set as appose to our standard Digital form of creating.

  31. Dear Miss Bailin,
    For collaborating with other classes to make a digital product, I had quite a few ideas. I am not sure how much i love this idea, but i think that we could collaborate with the Drama department and create a skit on WW1 and from there transform it into a movie. We could also work with another Social Studies class to make an interactive timeline that contains links, DNP(s), statistics, etc. which we could put on our DLC sites. With that we could also show them Google Sites, Keynote, and iMovie.