Thursday, February 17, 2011

2/17/2011 Homework

Tonight’s Homework - YOU WILL BE POSTING YOUR RESPONSE ON YOUR OWN BLOG. Please title it OPTION #/Literary Analysis of WWI.


Here are the steps for being successful with OPTION ONE.

  1. Choose a(n) topic/event/person leading up to WWI.
  2. Find a poem/piece of writing that applies to your topic/event/person.
  3. Analyze the poem/piece of writing by EXPLAINING how your topic/event/person and your poem/piece of writing are related!!! BE CLEVER, but not lofty! There are times when things are obvious and times when things are unseen by the naked eye. Choose your path wisely. I’m confident that BOTH will challenge you.

FORMAT FOR OPTION ONE…please number your response as shown below.

  1. Type your topic/event here. Then provide a summary. Now post a link where someone can learn more about the topic/event.
  2. Copy and paste the poem you found here. Now post a link where someone can find the poem.
  3. Now write your analysis. “If I were you…” *wink *wink for each piece of commentary you have, I would copy and paste a line from the poem as my concrete detail and include specifics about the event. J


If you choose this option, you will be on your own. I will provide no format for it. All I ask is that you write your steps for being successful with this option (like I did for OPTION ONE…please see above). It is important to do this because it gives your audience insight into your posting and allows them to be an active participant in your plan.

You will post your STEPS and then number your response, so that it matches.

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  1. Hi kids,

    I thought I would give you a little help. Feel free to check out these sites for some literary pieces. This will require you to read some different selections before you find what you are looking for. A good thing to keep in mind would be an some words by Alex Noble, "Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the spirit with which one undertakes and continues the journey.”

    Memoirs & Diaries

    Prose & Poetry