Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Due on 1/14

1. Metaphoric Picture
2. Your Web Page for your state during the Reconstruction Period
a. Please read the details below and check your email (Block I only, BLock II already knows
theirs) for which state you have been assigned. Further information and THE
RESOURCES you NEED are in pvOnline (distancia.pvschools.net)
3. I will be going over how to set it up tomorrow in class.
4. Make sure you read the ultimate goal at the bottom of this page. :) Good luck!

You will review a document authored by someone affected by the devastation of the Civil War. The authors were selected to show a variety of contrasting views and also to reflect the different ways that reconstruction affected various states. While one document cannot speak to the effects of the war on an entire state, it will give you an insight into what may have represented a common experience and reaction to the War and its aftermath.

You will analyze the impact of the Civil War through the claims in your document and as they relate to your assigned state. To do this, you will also work through the interactive maps, pictures and quotes as you complete the questions that follow. These are primary source documents that may use language that is unfamiliar to you. No attempts have been made to correct grammatical or spelling errors. Consult a dictionary for unfamiliar terms.

When you have completed your document analysis, you will build a web page in pvlearners that illustrates what you have learned about the condition of life in your state following the Civil War.
Here are some tips:

  • write about a point that is interesting to you or that YOU found particularly moving or disturbing
  • use photographs and quotes to illustrate your points
  • use specific statistics to help explain why the author of your document felt they way he/she did.
  • what would it take to make the author of your document believe reconstruction is a good thing? Is it a good thing?
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help from your friends or teachers

You will give and receive feedback for your site. The classes will choose one website for each of the states studied to be archived as examples of student work for next year and be listed as a feature site on the district homepage!

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